Midas PRO2-CC-TP

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Zonder flightcase 1179.6 x 730.3 x 274.9 mm (46.4" x 28.8" x 10.8")
Input Kanalen:
Locale Inputs:
Locale outputs:
Digitale I/O:
15" daglichtbestendig kleurenscherm
Signal Processie:
96 kHz, 40-bit floating point
27 time-aligned en phase-coherent mix bussen
8 VCA (Variable Control Association) en 6 POPulation groepen
Remote functie:
Beschikbaar, alleen voor iPad
Overige aansluitingen:
1x Ethernet Control data Neutrik etherCON met status LEDs | 1x Talk Output 3-pin XLR balanced line out
Headphone aansluiting:
2x 1/4 jack (stereo) | +21 dBu
46.0 kg (101.2 lbs) zonder flightcase
10 jaar fabrieksgarantie*
2x 4-pin XLR | 5 V, 12 W
USB aansluiting:
2x Type A USB 2.0 full speed (12.0 Mbit/s), 5 V 1 A maximale load
World Clock in:
BNC | TTL level, 96 kHz square wave | 75 Ohm
World Clock out:
BNC | TTL level, 96 kHz square wave | 75 Ohm
AES 3 Synch in:
2 ports | 3-pin XLR | 32 kHz to 96 kHz sample rate | Sample rate converter bypass
AES 3 Synch out:
2 ports | 3-pin XLR | 48 kHz to 96 kHz or auto-tracking to inputs | Sample rate converter bypass
In, Out en Thru on 5-pin DIN
AES50 aansluiting:
6 ports | 96 kHz sample rate | bidirectioneel | Neutrik etherCON with status LEDs
Video sync:
BNC (IN connector) Horizontal video sync (black burst), HD & SD formats
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The PRO2 is designed to work in conjunction with any of the MIDAS digital I/O units. Two AES3 inputs, three AES3 outputs and dual-redundant power supplies, all supplied as standard, complete the hardware configuration. PRO2 is easy to configure and operate and is identical to the PRO2C apart from an additional 8 input faders. Engineers who are new to MIDAS digital can relax, enjoy the PRO2’s sample-synchronous audio quality, and mix from well within their comfort zone. Engineers already familiar with MIDAS can just load their existing show file straight into the PRO2, regardless of which MIDAS digital console it was created on, and carry on working.

In addition to the PRO2’s 56 primary input channels, PRO2 also features 8 aux returns, all of which feature 4-band MIDAS parametric EQ and insert points. These 8 aux returns can be used as returns for the PRO2’s internal FX processors, or as additional mic channels, if sufficient mic inputs are available on the I/O hardware. A total of 64 input channels have routing to 27 phase-coherent mix buses, which comprise 16 user-configurable buses (which can be mixes, subgroups or mix minus groups), and 8 matrix buses. The Matrix buses source from inputs, as well as groups, and so can be used as 8 additional auxes (monitor mix and FX sends) which provides a total of 24 mixes (plus L, R & Mono) for monitor mixing duties. All buses can be linked as stereo pairs (except the mono bus).

As with all MIDAS digital consoles, the audio paths can be routed to multiple destinations and the console format can be reconfigured live on a scene-by-scene basis.

More information: http://www.midasconsoles.com/Products/PRO2-TP.aspx

Available I/O units: https://shop.theaudiospecialists.eu/nl/zoeken.html?query=dl15

  • 6 x 96 kHz AES50 ports, providing an additional 156 inputs and 166 outputs
  • 8 integral mic/line inputs with MIDAS mic preamps
  • 64 simultaneous input processing channels
  • 32 analogue outputs (including 16 on the stage box and 2 stereo local monitor outputs)
  • 3 AES3 outputs
  • 2 AES3 inputs
  • 27 sample-synchronous, phase-coherent mix buses
  • Up to 12 multichannel FX engines
  • Up to 28 KLARK TEKNIK DN370 31-band Graphic EQs
  • Full-colour 15" daylight-viewable display screen
  • 8 VCA (Variable Control Association) groups
  • 6 POPulation groups
  • 96 kHz 40-bit floating-point processing throughout
  • 3-Year Warranty Program**
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