Voicetone H1 - Pedale d'effet vocale

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Combinez le son de votre guitare et accordez-le dans cet effet d'harmonie piloté par la guitare. Lire plus
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The TC Helicon Voicetone H1 is a guitar driven or preset harmony effect pedal. The Voicetone H1 automatically detects which harmony suits your guitar sound. You don't need to set up and synch the guitar and your voice. Just set the first selector knob to guitar and start jamming. Are you not using a guitar? You can set the tone on the pedal itself. The voices of the harmony effect can be set by the middle controller. This controls up to two voices for your harmony. The last button sets the mix of your effect. 

The Voicetone H1 is equiped with a high-quality microphone pre-amplifier for an amazing low-noise sound. The pedal is easily set to bypass with the convenient footswitch toggle. 

Do you want more options to shape the sound of your voice? Combine the Voicetone H1 with one of the other Voicetone Singles or the Ditto Mic Looper. With the MP-75 microphone you can set your Voicetone H1 remotely. These products are specially designed to work well in combination with the Voicetone H1. 

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