VOICETONE E1 - Pedale d'effet vocale

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Treize effets d'écho / delay fantastiques dans une simple pédale. Lire plus
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The TC Helicon Voicetone E1 is the Voicetone Single which focusses on te Echo and Delay effects. The Voicetone E1 has 13 of these built-in effects which are easy to control with the controllers on the pedal. Here you can easily set the interval of your delay and with the tap tempo function for the footswitch you can set the tempo of the effect as well. This gives you ultimate control over when your delay kicks. With the controllers for feedback and wet/dry signal you can set the effect strength. The pedal features an analog switch as well. This gives your effect a cool vintage sound.

The high-quality built-in microphone pre-amp gives you optimal signal integrity. You can easily set the pedal to bypass with the footswitch. 

Do you want more voice changing capabilities at your disposal? Try combining the Voicetone E1 with one of the other Voicetone Singles or the Ditto mic looper. Or use the remote control function of the MP-75 microphone. These products have been especially designed to work well in combination with the Voicetone E1. 

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