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Our new flagship Self powered 3 way 10" (250mm) & 3" (75mm) & 1.10" (28mm) Black Lire plus
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Designed to bring the critical performance of our flagship Q-Series monitors into the V-Series family.

The VQ3110 can be used as midfield monitors in large control rooms or as main monitors in smaller spaces. The VQ3110 can also be configured as part of an Atmos or immersive audio system.

This monitor builds upon the foundations of our largest self-powered monitor; the V3110. Three years of development have given the VQ3110 an entirely new tweeter and custom 3” mid-range driver designed to partner to the performance of the custom 10” Lf driver. To deliver even more headroom to these critical components we uprated the power supply and output stage of the Class AB amplification section.

The VQ3110 utilises a hybrid amplifier configuration with Class D driving a massive 700w to the LF transducer and over 400w of class AB amplification to the mid and the high, ensuring absolute rock-solid performance and transparency.

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