Quested V3110 - Moniteur de studio alimenté

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Le Quested V3110 est un moniteur de studio alimenté 3 voies haut de gamme offrant une réponse à toute la gamme et un fantastique contrôle LF. Lire plus
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Quested V3110 - threeway monitor for studio use 

Designed for use in near to midfield applications, the V3110 is our most powerful active monitor and, because of its 1000 watts of class AB and class D amplification, it is one of the most powerful in its class. The three way design of the V3110 and the utilisation of the soft dome mid and high frequency drivers along with the custom 10″ low frequency driver mean that the V3110 truly can deliver for the most demanding of material with a flat response down to 30Hz. The V3110 is not only improved on the low end performance, but also maintained the precision, compared to the (most recognised) Quested VS3208. It has a very linear response and a natural sound. The Quested V3110 is considered the flagship of the Quested powered monitors. 

  • Driver: Low Frequency 1 x 250mm(10″) 
  • Mid: 1 x 75mm (3”) soft dome
  • High Frequency: soft dome 1 x 28mm (1 1/8″)
  • Frequency Response: 34Hz – 20kHz ±2dB / 30Hz – 22kHz -6 dB
  • Maximum SPL: 115.5 dB continuous pink noise @ 1m Leq 1 minute. 121.5 dB continuous pink noise per pair @ 1m Leq 1 minute
  • Minimum sensitivity +4dBu for 100dB SPL @ 1m
  • Maximum sensitivity -14dBu for 100 dB SPL @ 1m
  • Subsonic: -3dB @ 14Hz, 24dB/oct
  • Crossover Points: 650Hz, 2k5H, 24dB/oct.
  • User LF EQ: 4 position rear mounted selector to select FLAT for normal use. -9dB and -3dB for cut below 100Hz, +1dB for lift above 80Hz.
  • User MF EQ 3 position rear mounted switch to select FLAT for normal use, CUT/LIFT +/-1dB for 650Hz to 2k5Hz.
  • User HF EQ 3 position rear mounted switch to select FLAT for normal use, CUT/LIFT +/-1dB for 2k5Hz to 40kHz.
  • Voltage: Set by internal plugs: nominal 115V or 230V @ 50-60Hz AC. 230V setting: Min 160V (restricted output power): Max 263V. 115V setting: Min 80V (restricted output power): Max 132V
  • Quiescent 72W, typical use 110W.
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