Lab Gruppen PDX3000 Amplificateur

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3,000 Watt, Two Channel Amplificateur with DSP Control Lire plus
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Lab Gruppen
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The PDX3000 is the new touring amplifier series from LAB.GRUPPEN that is specially intended for the mid-level segment, but the knowledge they have at LAB.GRUPPEN certainly should not be undervalued, this is reflected in the 10-year warranty that they give again to this series.

The PDX3000 is equipped with an extremely reliable class D amplifier that can deliver a power of 2 x 1500 Watt at 4 ohm with full speaker DSP processing.

In terms of connections, the PDX3000 has a balanced XLR and Jack input and 2 times speakON for the outputs, of which 1 speakON can be connected 4 poles. The DSP software can be operated via the USB connection with a laptop. Here you can adjust things such as; crossover, parametric EQ, delay, limiter, dynamic EQ and input mixing. You can easily make adjustments and monitoring via the front panel, which can also be locked for others, so that not everyone can just make adjustments.

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