Clair Brothers 15CX - Passive Coaxial, Horn-loaded Loudspeaker

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Passive Coaxial, Horn-loaded 15"LF, 3"HF |60°Hx60°V| Grille Lire plus
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Clair Brothers
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When building an audio system for Learning Center Expansion meeting rooms, we were faced with an architectural and acoustical challenge that did not lend itself to using a stock product.


Our engineers designed a custom ceiling speaker by developing brand new technology: a coaxial horn arrangement (patent pending). The 15CX-C features a unique combination of two horns—one horn responsible for directing low frequencies, one for high frequencies.

When our engineers considered the manufacturability of this product, they determined that traditional fabrication techniques would compromise quality, which was unacceptable.  So they invented and built a new production machine to realize the coaxial, horn-loaded loudspeaker design as it should be.


The client’s confidence in our experience allowed us the flexibility to custom design them a unique product for the highest quality performance. As a result, our unique horn arrangement technology now solves the common problem of horn shadowing with prior coaxial designs.

Demand for the custom 15CX-C has increased, and it is now a cataloged product at Clair Brothers. It is ideal for a wide range of applications, including stadiums, arenas, dance clubs and convention centers.

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