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The powerhouse at the centre of the PRO X system is the NEUTRON High Performance Audio System Engine. With 192 bidirectional channels and a 96 kHz sample rate, NEUTRON is the result of a three-year research and development program that pushed MIDAS engineers well beyond their considerable expertise and knowledge. Powerful, fully expandable and capable of routing up to 800 audio paths – the NEUTRON DSP Engine is state-of-the-industry.

100 Gigaflops

NEUTRON’s cutting-edge, latest generation DSPs and high-performance FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array) coupled with MIMD (Multiple Instruction, Multiple Data) architecture delivers more than 100 Gigaflops of real-time audio processing. More than three times the power of other competitors, NEUTRON delivers impeccable sonic performance and functionality.
But it’s not just about raw, number crunching power and high channel counts, NEUTRON is also about finesse. Adding I/O boxes with the best converters and custom processing algorithms that draw upon over 40 years of listening experience at the top of the industry, NEUTRON takes the audio quality of those channels to another level.
HyperMAC and SuperMAC Digital Audio Interconnections
SuperMAC (AES50-Compliant) and HyperMAC from KLARK TEKNIKsimultaneously provide high channel counts, ultra low deterministic latencies, accurate phase-aligned networked clock distribution, error detection, network redundancy, and ease of deployment and use – to meet the needs of the live performance concert sound industry.
This unique combination is also ideal for managing applications such as studio recording and post-production, studio and outside broadcast and audio routing infrastructure. 
-Single cable duplex interconnection for audio and sample clocks 
- Ethernet physical layer audio data transmission 
- High channel count and ultra-low deterministic latency
- Accurate phase-aligned clock distribution 
- Comprehensive error detection and management
- Provision for redundant networking
- Minimal configuration – total ease of deployment and use 
- Ethernet TCP/IP protocol-compatible auxiliary data channel 
- OEM modules available from developer partners 
- SuperMAC offers: 
-48 bidirectional audio channels over Cat 5/Cat 5e cable (48 kHz)
- 24 bidirectional audio channels over Cat 5/Cat 5e cable (96 kHz)
- HyperMAC offers: 
- 192 bidirectional audio channels over Cat 5e/Cat 6 cable, or 
- 50/125 μm multimode optical fibre (96 kHz)
192 Channel Multi-Core
NEUTRON features dual-redundant HyperMAC ports (both Cat5e and Optical), which provides the digital equivalent of a 192 in / 192 out multi-core between the stage and Front of House.
Eight AES50 ports facilitate connections to the DL Series stage boxes and other AES50 I/O hardware, such as the KLARK TEKNIK DN9620 AES50 Extender and DN9650 Network Bridge. This makes the NEUTRON more than just a processing engine, it’s the very heart of a performance area network.

Total Redundancy
The control centre has a redundant processing card for the ultimate in reliability. NEUTRON’s sleek 7U 19" rack mount unit also contains three removable power supplies, only two of which are required for full operation. The power supplies, which are interchangeable with the PSUs in the PRO X control centre, are auto-voltage sensing, auto-switchover, and are fitted with locking AC connectors. No other console goes further at setting your mind at ease. This means that during a show the user can focus on what is most important – and treat the audience to a flawless sonic experience.

FOH connectivity
The NEUTRON Engine also has dual-redundant HyperMAC ports (both Cat 5e and Optical), which provide the digital equivalent of a 384-way (192 in + 192 out) multi-core between the stage and FOH, up to 500m.

Automatic Time Alignment
Just like all PRO Series systems, NEUTRON features comprehensive, automatic latency management, which manages all internal routing and processing latency. All audio samples are synchronised before summing, resulting in absolute phase coherence at the outputs, without the “comb filtering” effects of competing products that often result in specific frequencies being cancelled out completely.
Comprehensive Channel Processing
NEUTRON’s channel processing is as comprehensive as you would expect from a world-class professional audio console. Every input channel features delay, high and low pass filters, insert point, gate, compressor and 4-band parametric EQ. Each output channel features delay, insert, dynamics and 6-band fully sweepable parametric EQ, and both the input and output path processing order is easily reconfigurable.
Dual Input Gains
The PRO X boasts two input gains per channel; the first is the remote analogue gain for that legendary MIDAS microphone preamplifier; the second is a digital gain. The user simply sets the analogue gain for the desired amount of that famous MIDAS “warmth”, and uses the digital gain to trim to the preferred gain structure.
PRO X’s digital EQ features fully-interpolated controls, which recreate the original phase shift as experienced when working on the world’s best-loved analogue consoles. Each input channel has a four-band parametric EQ, with a choice of four different filter types for both the high and low filters. These powerful options can emulate the sound of historic MIDASconsoles in real time – or allow advanced digital filter types that are free of the limitations of analogue circuitry.
Dynamics Processing
The dynamics processing on the PRO X’s input channel features a frequency-conscious gate and a choice of five different compressor algorithms. Each algorithm allows maximum creative expression, as all feature variable knee internal and external sidechain filtering and colouration artifact options.
Output bus compression offers a choice of five unique options, designed to provide the user with a broad palette for maximum creative potential, right down to the visual display on the screen changing to support the different styles.
More dynamics processing options are available in the FX rack, including multi-band compression and dynamic equalisation.
Free-Routing System
PRO X has up to 288 inputs x 294 outputs, with point-to-point routing anywhere within the network. These can be patched and routed on a scene-by-scene basis via the powerful snapshot automation system.
Future-Ready Performance
Powerful, fully expandable and capable of processing up to 800 audio paths, the NEUTRON Audio System Engine is not only state-of-the-industry – it is light-years ahead of the competition.
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