Turbosound Turbosound IP2000 sac de transport pour column speaker

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Turbosound Sac de transport spécialement conçu pour column speaker iP2000 Lire plus
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Transport and protective bag for Turbosound's iP2000

This iP2000 cover is perfect for on the road, to bring your iP2000 easily wherever you go. The ip2000 is made for the road, using in professional situations. The DSP is there to improve your sound dramatically and makes your usage super easy. The very own Klark Teknik SST makes sure you experience a 3D effect of the sound and the sub speaker makes the sound very detailed. And don't forget the Bluetooth connection: perfect for individual, professional and mobile usage! Thanks to the bag, combined with the sub cover or perhaps the wheel board, you're most prepared for your gigs and on the road. The bag protects your ip2000 column from splash water and dust.

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