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The wireless active antenna for WBPX beltpack

The Green-GO Wireless Antenna is part of the Green-GO wireless communication system and is based on DECT technology. One Wireless Antenna serves up to four Wireless Beltpacks and each Wireless Beltpack X can be connected to four Wireless Antennas. The WAA can also integrate the Wireless Beltpack X into an existing wired network by simply plugging the Wireless Antenna and cloning the configuration to the Wireless Beltpack(s).
The Wireless Antenna is powered through either the Power over Ethernet port or the mini-USB connector, both located on the back of the device.

The GreenGo Network communication system

We are very proud of the GreenGo products because of the way it works as a stand-alone network based product. The system is not only fast, it is also stable and modular. For help compiling the perfect GreenGo system for your situation or location, you can contact us. We are also available for demonstrations and technical support.

GreenGo Wireless Active Antenna user guide

For information about this product, the operation and setup of this product, you can use this user's guide (ENG).

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