GreenGO 4 streams bridge interface 19" 1U

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The Green-GO BridgeX is part of the GreenGo communication system and is a quad network bridge interface that connects locations to a GreenGO network. In the both modes this network interface counts, the Green-GO BridgeX can support four connections.

In ?Bridge? mode, the BridgeX will connect two Green-GO networks together through a separate network or the internet. The audio (and optionally call) signals will be transported from one Green-GO network to the other. This setup will create one group that is spread over two sites. The group ID and name of these two sites do not need to match.

The BridgeX can also be configured to enable remote users. A Green-GO device in a remote location can connect to a LAN port of the BridgeX through the internet ? when set to Remote Connection mode ? and simply becomes another user in the system.

For installation of the devices and any questions on the use of the BridgeX and indivudials devices, we are here for you.

There is also an iOS app available which transforms your iOS device into a beltpack. Instead of connecting to a remote Green-GO network, you can also connect to the iOS device.

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