Montaudio Premium Silver Hybrid Speaker Cables

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Cable Type:
Silver Hybrid Speaker Cable
2x Silver Plated 99.9997% LC-OFC + 2x 99.9997% LC-OFC
Metal Diameter:
13 AWG
High Quality Polyethylene Dielectric on Main Conductors + Natural Cotton Filler
2 x 2P Structure
Pure Red Copper + 24K Nickel-Free Gold-Plated BFA Banana / Y-Pin Spade
Connector Housing:
Solid Natural Walnut Wood (BFA) / Brass + Solid Natural Walnut Wood (Spade)
Dark Blue / Silver Grey Braided
Outer Diameter:
15 mm
Full Range
1.5M (BFA), 3.0M (BFA/Spade), 5.0M (BFA)
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The Chatham Islands is the most easterly territory of New Zealand, boasting a wonderful variety of landscape, from the volcanic peaks piercing through rolling peatland, through to towering cliffs crowned with forest and down to the vast lagoon surrounded by endless sandy beaches.

Similar beauty is imbued in the Chatham SH-1 Speaker Cable, where every effort was made to preserve the grandeurs of the original soundstage. With a perfect blend of very high-purity copper and silver at its core, listeners are treated to a rare fusion of mid-upper range sparkle on vocals in tandem with fine texturing of bottom range without mass diminishment.

With hand-polished, laser engraved solid natural walnut wood housings, coupled with high quality PE dielectric and fully filled with natural cotton, all terminated in Pure Red Copper with 24K Gold-Plated connectors, the Chatham SH-1 looks as stunning as it sounds.

Exquisite, Enveloping, Extraordinary – prepare to be thrilled.

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