Montaudio Audiophile Spade Connector (4PCS)

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Premium Audiophile Grade Spade Connector
Pure Red Copper + 24K Nickel-Free Gold-Plated
Solid Natural Walnut Wood + 24K Gold-Plated Brass
Max Cable Diameter:
Outer ø 6.5mm or 8mm (Max Metal Diameter: ø 5mm)
Approx. ø 14mm x L 63mm
4 units / pack
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Arrowtown CS-1 is a premium Audiophile Grade Spade Connector combining premium materials with a robust-yet-beautiful design. Fully designed in-house from scratch, the main conductor utilises 2mm thick Pure Red Copper plate which are precision formed and then coated in 24K Nickle-free Gold-Plating. Cut-out slots in the conductor allows for both soldering and screw-down of cables to the conductor. To accommodate various cable diameters, two pairs of 24K Gold-Plated hex screws in short/long lengths and a Gold-Plated tool are included. Solid Walnut Wood housing which are laser-engraved and hand polished completes the unmistakeable stunning look.


  • Single piece, 2mm thick super premium 24K Gold Plated Pure Red Copper Conductor

  • 24K Gold Plated screws, in both long and short lengths to cater large/small cable diameters

  • Laser engraved, hand polished solid walnut wood housing

  • Gold Plated tool for screw

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