1 Orders & payments
1.1 A product is not in stock on the website. Can I order it?

The stock on our web portal is synchronized in real-time. This means that the actual available stock shows on the web portal. So, if something is listed as not in stock, we really do not have it. You have the option to place a 'backorder'. We will deliver the product to you as soon as we have it in stock.

1.2 When will you have the item in stock?

If we don't have the stock, you will see 'not available'  in our webportal.

If a new shipment is expected, you will see the quantity and expected delivery time after login at our webportal.

For some items, unfortunately we don't know the delivery time yet. In that case, we will not show you a delivery time, nor do we show you an estimation.

In some cases it might be useful to ask us the delivery time manually, i.e. when you have a project to plan for. In this case, please contact us via [email protected].

1.3 Can I add a reference to my order?

Yes, you can add a reference to the order in the comment section when ordering via our webportal. Note that the comments are not read as the orders are processed automatically, the field is solely for your reference.

1.4 I used bank transfer. What reference do I use?

You can pay via the website. You do this when you place your order. If you transfer the amount due yourself, you should state your order number(s) when making the payment. Your order number is very important for fast order processing. Payments without order number(s) can lead to serious delivery delays. If you make a combination payment for multiple order numbers and the details will not fit in your payment field, please send us an email stating the order numbers and the amount you paid. That will prevent any delay on your order.

1.5 Can I pay several pro forma invoices at once?

Yes, that is possible. But it is important to state all the order numbers in the description of the payment.

1.6 Can I also mail orders to you?

Yes, but please note that this may cause delays in the order processing, as you are now depending on our backoffice to process your order during office hours.

1.7 Can I please have a price list?

Of course! After login, you can download it yourself via the Price list page.


2 Deliveries and returns
2.1 Can I have several orders put on one pallet?

No, that is not possible. We work with a fully automated system. Each order is processed precisely as you enter it on the web portal. So, during the order process, consider carefully whether you have everything that you wish to order.

2.2 When can I expect my order?

This depends on your method of payment and the distance between our warehouse and the delivery address. You will receive an email from us with a Track & Trace code. The link in that email will only work when the forwarder has processed the shipment. This can take up to a day, at most. If the link is still not working after 24 hours, please let us know.

For ordered items that are out of stock, we will notify you once the stock is replenished and ship accordingly. After this, the leadtime of the shipment is depending on the distance between the warehouse and the delivery address.

2.3 Can I cancel my order?

Any order that is not already processed for shipment, can be cancelled. As soon as the delivery is initiated we cannot cancel the order. Please make sure to double-check your order.

2.4 My delivery address needs to be changed. What to do?

We will use the delivery address as is filled in whilst ordering.

Should you have a back order, that should be shipped to your new address? Please make sure to inform us on your move in advance.

Of course we try to check the delivery address when processing your backorder, but as a large part of this process is automated, we cannot promise a double-check. Therefore we kindly ask you to actively inform us if the information we have is outdated.

2.5 I requested pick up via my forwarder, but the shipment is not released. What is going on?

To ensure that the right people receive orders, the person who collects the order must have a pick-up number. If you choose to pick up, you receive your code by email. No shipments can be handed over without reference number.

2.6 I'd like to return my order. How does this work?

For your business purchases no return policy is in place for returning purchased goods.

For any item with issues, you can send it in or bring it to us for repair. In some cases, your warranty covers the repair. For repairs, you must always complete the service form via the website.

2.7 My product is broken. What should I do?

If you have purchased a product from us, you can send it in or bring it to us for repair. In some cases, your warranty covers the repair. For repairs, you must always complete the service form via the website.

3 My account
3.1 How do I register?

You can register for purchasing on behalf of your company, by entering the registration form. Please make sure that the company name is corresponding to your VAT registration and COC reference.

Once registered, we will make sure to check your account and let you know. When checked and completed, we will inform you via email.

3.2 I cannot log in to the portal anymore. What should I do?

If you are sure that your login details are correct, please contact us. We are available for these questions by telephone +31 (0)55 5386688, or by email ([email protected]). Did you forget your password? Please click on the "forgot password" button. You will receive an automatic email with a link to set a new password.

4 Privacy
4.1 What details do you keep?

We keep your contact details and order history. We do not actively match your personal order details to your online presence on our webportal.

Should you wish to know which details we have, please let us know via [email protected]. We only keep details to reach you and to complete your order. We never have access to your password.

Only details that concern the shipment of your order, are shared with the chosen forwarding company.

4.2 Can I delete my account?

We can delete your account for you. If you wish for us to remove the details, please let us know via an email to [email protected]. We then will only keep the details we're legally obliged to keep for bookkeeping purposes. Once removed we will confirm via email and remove both emails to complete the trace of your email address in our backoffice systems.

4.3 Is there a privacy policy?

The privacy policy can be read here.

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