GreenGO 24 channels extension for MCXD

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24 channels extension for MCXD: the intercom system on your desk

The Green-GO Multi-Channel Desk Extension is an additon to the Multi-Channel Desk Station and provides direct access to 24 extra separate users or groups through individual multicolour push-buttons.

Each button can be assigned to a single user or a group. Four colour TFT touchscreens indicate the name, volume level and status of the channels. The push-buttons next to the touchscreens are used to control the operational features for each channel (?Talk?, ?Listen?, ?Call? or ?Cue? ? depending on which function is selected).

The Green-GO Multi-Channel Desk Extension operates as a slave device to the MCX or MCXD, so this product is not usable as a stand-alone product. We advise to use this product combined with other belpacks in a large network.?

Up to 9 Green-GO Multi-Channel Extensions can be daisy-chained to one MCX or MCXD master.

For more information, ask our tech support or read the leaflet.?

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