Klark Teknik DM8000 - Advanced Digital Audio Processor

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Klark Teknik DM8000 - Advanced Digital Audio Processor

DM8000, Powerful DSP, Acoustic Echo Cancellation, Auto Mixing, Downloads

Advanced Digital Audio Processor for Installation Applications with Configurable DSP, Audio Networking and Acoustic Echo Cancellation
Modern meetings and telephone/ video conferencing requires a flexible digital audio processor with user-friendly features, such as user-configurable DSP and routing options, multiple inputs and outputs – and auto mixing. Designed for installation in boardrooms, council chambers, courtrooms and more, the DM8000 also provides 8 channels of wide band Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC), effectively removing secondary room reflections from the signal path. The highly versatile DM8000 seamlessly integrates with computer based conferencing systems and audio networks via USB, and can be remotely controlled using the built-in Ethernet and RS232 ports.


Powerful DSP

The DM8000 DSP is equipped with a comprehensive library of processing modules that can be deployed and configured using the free DM8000 DSP Designer software. This easy-to-use software allows the entire signal and processing structure to be defined and compiled right on your PC – and then run within DM8000's robust onboard DSP. Processing modules include: Input; Output; ULTRANET I/O digital audio transport output for use with compatible devices; AEC for up to 8 channels; USB In and Out; Mixers; Auto Mixer; Equalisers; Feedback Suppression; a variety of audio filters, and much more. DM8000 provides a massive audio toolkit, empowering you to create the ideal custom configuration for any application.

Acoustic Echo Cancellation

Office spaces, boardrooms and conference centers are often constructed with only a passing consideration regarding acoustics. Surfaces are typically hard, such as glass, painted/hardwood walls, and even steel and stone, all of which can trigger reverberation and echoes that can make a teleconference less than optimal. The DM8000's uses its wide band AEC module to detect and eliminate secondary room reflections from the signal path, so all participants enjoy the highest quality sound – whether the content is speech, music, or multimedia.



Auto Mixing

Applications such as city council meetings and courtrooms require the use of multiple open microphones, which means special attention must be given to input gain setting and feedback elimination. Or, you can let DM8000's Auto Mixer and Feedback Suppressor modules do the heavy lifting for you. Easy to set up and use, DM8000's Auto Mixer modules automatically adjust and balance levels for up to 8 inputs and combine them into a single output. And the onboard Feedback Suppressor behaves much like an highly-surgical parametric equaliser, detecting and removing feedback frequencies before they can become an issue. It's like having a sound engineer riding the controls, ensuring exceptional performance – from start to finish.

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