A 1400 m2 world full of audio wonders in Apeldoorn

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A 1400 m2 world full of audio wonders in Apeldoorn

Just imagine it - a space where you can compare, try out and even connect high profile audio equipment to your existing systems so that you can hear, see and feel which audio solution suits your situation best.

Because an increasing number of products are ordered online, many users miss the opportunity of experiencing the products before buying them. There are plenty of resellers, e-tailers and box pushers, but can they also provide the product knowledge, product experience and demonstration equipment?

Selecting the right loudspeakers, amplifiers or mixing console is essential for audio quality, and the chain is as strong as the weakest link, isn't it? The Audio Specialists anticipate these needs with this Experience Centre. The experience Centre is really a showroom 2.0. You can even try out and experience everything at your leisure, all that without sales representatives breathing down your neck. As an importer / distributor of different globally renowned brands in the field of professional audio, The Audio Specialists is focusing increasingly on the entire audio market with this innovative concept. It makes no difference whether the visitor has any technical knowledge or is less experienced. The equipment is connected so that anyone can get started with it and experts are at your service to answer all your questions.

If you walk into the The Audio Specialists’ Experience Centre, it seems like you are entering an audio amusement park. All products of Turbosound, Midas, Clair Brothers, Lab.Gruppen, Lake, Klark Teknik, Tannoy, GreenGo and Vokkero are set up for hands-on experience in more than 1400 m2.

An Experience Centre of this order and size has not been opened before in the whole of Europe. At the beginning of June, The Audio Specialists organised the Experience Days to provide a kick-off to the Experience Centre in Apeldoorn. Customers and various distributors from throughout Europe were invited to these days. The visitors were very impressed by the possibilities offered in the Centre. Apart from the fact that anyone can come in without an appointment and try out the products, there is also plenty of room for events. Showroom equipment is used during the workshops, training programmes and presentations, so that people can immediately see how it works. Distributors from Europe see this approach as an inspiration for their own developments. 


  1. Wick Reidinga Wick Reidinga

    Hoi Axel,

    Ik kwam bij toeval op de website van the AudioSpecialists terecht en bekeek de virtuele rondleiding door jouw schitterende showroom. Dat heb jij (en jouw team) goed gedaan zeg. Het ziet er heel indrukwekkend en verzorgd uit. Ik wens jullie heel veel succes toe!

    Met vriendelijke groet,

    Wick Reidinga.

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